The main purpose of this partnership is to develop students' transversal skills in order to promote leadership abilities in school. To accomplish our goal, we decided to use different scientific activities as tools for teaching, learning, training. Our target groups include students aged 13-17. We believe that our innovative educational approaches will facilitate the transition from traditional teaching to new and modern teaching (student-centered activities and teacher as facilitator). Our partnership includes schools from Turkey, Italy, Spain, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Romania. Thus, partner organizations share common interests and desire to strengthen cross-curricular connections, use different ICT tools in teaching-learning, promote cross-curricular development, community work, and study trips. This partnership is built on the common value of all partner schools, whose role in the project is crucial. The different profiles of our organizations contributed to the correct division of tasks, bringing an important contribution to our effort to provide a modern education with innovative tools that will reduce the gap between the low curricular opportunities of the school and the juvenile needs of young people for their career development.

          The concrete objectives of our partnership are:

- to develop a more effective communication through the use of foreign languages;
- to share innovative teaching methods and our partners' best practices to modernize education;
- to stimulate the will for transnational cooperation and the internationalization of education;
- to promote social inclusion;
- to train a group of young people who will share the knowledge of their abilities through positive actions, to other colleagues;
- to clearly outline the strategies, vision and impact of scientific activities as innovative educational approaches;
- to encourage ethnic, religious and national relations.

       With the evolution of technology, the learning process of our days has also changed. That is why the activities that will be carried out in the project and especially in the virtual mobility on the eTwinning platform will use the ICT tools and the CLIL tool. Online social networks will bring a significant contribution to the educational process as target groups will have permanent access to new types of information and knowledge. With their help, the feeling of European citizenship will intensify – teachers and students will learn to work virtually in transnational teams. Here are a few of the planned activities: students' English presentations during experimental activities, cultural performances and competitive activities. In our short-term exchange activities, all participants will take part in training sessions, web workshops, workshops, community activities and cultural events. Participants will have the opportunity to find out more about democratic practices, conflict resolution, communication skills, critical thinking, tolerance and respect for diversity, leadership skills, teamwork and social entrepreneurship.

       To achieve our goals, we will apply the project method, questioning, experimentation. These innovative methods will enhance the crucial aspects of education for democracy: citizenship, diversity, mediation, human appreciation, digital literacy. For the short-term results, we mention: Encouraging and promoting critical, creative thinking, developing English language skills, improving oral presentations and relaxing for demanding activities. All the partners from this partnership, throughout the duration of the project, will try to transform our international collaboration into a fruitful experience. Long-term benefits include a variety of important issues: implementation of good practices shared by partners in the day-to-day activities, reinforcement of the Europss certificate in school, cooperation with partner organizations, enhancement of positive abilities as a model among pupils, mediation of pupil - teacher - parent interactions through the capacity of the Students' Council.

       Therefore, all partners hope that this project will become reality and that our efforts will bring a positive contribution to the development of education through the most important factors of our globalized future.